• Product Research

    21st November 2017 Daisy

    In the last 15 years Coffea Arabica has traveled many plantations from around the world including Costa Rica, India, Ethiopia, Panama, Vietnam, Cuba, in order to learn from Farmers, pickers and exporters involved in the process of speciality coffee.

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  • Cuba

    19th December 2015 Daisy
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  • Vietnam – Dalat

    22nd December 2012 Daisy

    In December 2012, I landed in Ho Chi Minh City, my aim this year was to visit and understand the coffee production in Vietnam in search of Arabica. Vietnam is the 2nd biggest coffee producer in the world after Brazil with an output of 95 percent Robusta and only 5 percent being Arabica. When I left…

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  • Panama – Boquete

    23rd December 2011 Daisy

    In December 2011 Coffea Arabica visited Panama, Panamanian Specialty Coffee is recognised as one of the highest-quality coffee in the world, based on its features of unique flavor, fragrance, and consistency. GEOGRAPHIC Panama, a small strip of land that unites North and South America, located 9 degrees north of the Equator and is home to the…

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  • Ethiopia – Moplaco

    17th December 2010 Daisy

    In December 2010 Coffea Arabica visited Ethiopia. I got in touch with Heleanna Georgalis, the daughter of Yanni Georgalis fonder of Moplaco, one of the oldest coffee quality exporters in Addis. Heleanna is an inspiration to me, the work of love she is putting into Moplaco is incredible. After the death of Yanni Georgalis her…

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  • India – Bibi Plantation

    19th December 2009 Daisy

    In December 2009 Coffea Arabica visited India. Five hours drive towards the coast from Bangalore lies the small town of Suntikoppa (population of 20,000), among the Coorg Hills of Southern India. This is the heart of the coffee growing area in the state of Karnataka and all around lie small- to medium-sized farms. Located at…

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  • Costa Rica

    17th January 2008 Daisy

    Early January 2008, I visited Zamorana Estate in Costa Rica. I bought a second hand camera for £50, a rock sac, a copy of the Lonely Planet and a flight. I had been working for myself then for already 5 years and the feeling of finally being able to experience and learn at origin was…

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