Corporate Retreats and Management day-out

Let Coffea Arabica help you plan a fun and successful corporate event.

From management retreats to clients day-out, our workshops help strengthen your team, increase morale and foster more efficient collaborative work while you learn to make coffee like a professional.

At Coffea Arabica we love to share our passion for coffee.
For over 15 years, we have traveled the world visiting coffee plantations, learning about the botanic, climatic conditions and processing methods directly from coffee farmers.

Armed with this knowledge we have designed activities, courses and workshops for our corporate clients to teach them how to taste, recognise and make great quality coffee.

A typical day starts with an introduction to coffee growing, harvesting and production methods. Then, it’s time for the participants to roll-up their sleeves and start making coffee.

You can choose from one of our 4 corporate activities:

- Espresso Masterclass

- Sensory Masterclass

- Brewing Masterclass

- Battle of the Baristas
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