Barista Basic Course

The barista basic course is created for people who would like to extend their knowledge in order to work within the industry. It also appeals to the home enthusiast. An introduction to the course with the coffee botanic and its origins, illustrated with pictures and films captured on our trips to plantations. You will discover the journey of coffee from the fruit to the harvesting, processing and roasting. You will then learn about the equipment understanding the key factors in order to deliver the perfect espresso including water temperature, pressure, grind adjustment and the ability to taste and recognise the  perfect shot.

The second part of the day will be focussed on milk, steaming and texturing in order to deliver the perfect flat white, cappuccino and other drinks from the coffee menu.

We will finish with the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.

Barista Basic

  • Coffee harvesting, processing and roasting.
  • The role of the barista
  • Grinder and espresso machine operation, cleaning and maintenance
  • Factors affecting coffee
  • The perfect espresso and its daily quality control
  • Milk texturing techniques
  • Drinks preparation and presentation
1 day course – 10am till 4pm £210 inc VAT
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