Bibi Plantations

Bibi plantations farm is an incredible plantation where Arabica, Robusta and Pepper corns are grown, all of an exceptional quality!

Pepper growing on shading trees

Coffea Flower









I had the chance to spend a week on the plantation and really enjoyed it, Faiz Moosakutty farm owner is a great host aswell as a very passionate and dedicated man.

The farm is situated not far from Santicoppa in karnataka, south west India, a very lush plantation with beautiful shading trees, a great pleasure to walk through.

children playing after school

the plantation







Faiz’s father bought the Bibi Plantation in 1960 after working in rubber and timber, he passed away in 1983 as Faiz was preparing to go away to college in the US to study Business Management.

His mother told him that he could go on one condition – that he promise to come back and look after the farm when he had finished his degree.

In 1990 he moved back to Karnataka and managed the farm ever since aswell as living there.

Bibi Plantation is located in a prime Arabica coffee growing zone and the natural conditions are extremely good, for Arabica coffee especially with an even distribution of rain fall and a careful management of a favourable natural situation.

Picker harvesting the last beans of the harvesting season

A family on their way to the processing station









Labour on the farm is very demanding, with the youth leaving the countryside for the city in order to find better paid jobs like construction, almost all of the workers are aged 45 or over.

It is not possible to use agricultural equipment on the farm as the trees on the plantations and the uneven lie of the land makes it unaccessible for machines.

Faiz pays the workers a premium price in order to ensure quality and efficiency in farm management and harvesting.

Smiles and pride

Separation on the greens cherries from the red








I spent everyday with the pickers, the farm employs around 100 pickers and 50 of whom are living on the farm, this creates a really nice atmosphere.

After the picking, sorting and processing the pickers were going home and carrying on their daily task. Grinding the wheat for making flour, collecting wood to light the fire, washing their clothes on the stone by the river then the children were coming back from school.

Preparing dinner









This was just the daily life of indian families living and working on Bibi plantations farm, really peaceful and  beautiful.

Playing with the children after school









The farm provides free electricity, free housing and free medical assistance aswell as interest free loans to help pay the childrens’ school fees.

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