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Barista Training

Our barista training courses are designed to fit your needs whether you are an amateur enthusiast wanting to learn more about your favourite beverage or a professional barista hoping to be the next world barista champion!

All our barista training courses run for a day, it is also possible to organise a two day course or a weeks’ training program. To learn more about our barista training courses and our consultancy services please feel free to call us on 07766 533157.


Barista Training – Basic

  • Coffee harvesting, processing and roasting.
  • The role of the barista
  • Grinder and espresso machine operation, cleaning and maintenance
  • Factors affecting coffee
  • The perfect espresso and its daily quality control
  • Milk texturing techniques
  • Drinks preparation and presentation

Barista Training – Intermediate

  • Introduction to Cupping
  • Espresso workshop with a variety of coffees origins
  • Create your own blends
  • Milk steaming techniques and jug selection
  • multiple order and consistency in quality
  • introduction to Latte art skills.

Sensory Course

On this course you will learn how to taste and recognize the different flavours and aromas in single origin coffees. A selection of some of the best coffees available on the market today from around the world will be on the cupping table. This is also a great course for home users who would like to extend their existing knowledge.

  • How to set up a cupping table
  • How we taste
  • The world of coffees (coffee growing regions and different tasting notes)
  • Cupping single origins coffee

Latte Art Course

Make your outlet stand out from the crowd by adding beauty and style to your coffee with latte art.

Latte art is a technique used by baristas to create a variety of patterns on the surface of milk based drinks by cleverly mixing the rich golden brown colour of the crema with smooth velvety milk.